Price May Change without Notice

Soup and Salad

B1. Miso Soup 1.95
B2. Clear Soup 1.95
B3. House Green Salad 2.25
B4. Avocado Salad 4.25
B5. Seaweed Salad 4.95
B6. Squid Salad 6.95
B7. Kani Salad 4.95

Appetizer From Kitchen

A1. Edamame
Soy bean
A2. Harumaki
Spring roll
A3. Yakitori
Two skewered grill chicken
A4. Gyoza
Pork dumpling
A5. Beef Negimaki
Slice beef roll w. scallion
A6. Garlic Broccoli 5.95
A7. Agedashi Tofu
Deep fried tofu
A8. Soft Shell Crab Appetizer 8.95
A9. Fried Calamari 5.95
A10. Spicy Squid 6.95
A11. Shumai
Shrimp dumpling
A12. Deep Fried Oyster 6.95
A13. Dynamite Shrimp
Deep fried Shrimp

Tempura Appetizer

A14. Shrimp Tempura Appetizer 6.95
A15. Chicken Tempura Appetizer 5.95
A16. Vegetable Tempura Appetizer 4.95

Appetizer From Sushi Bar

A17. Sushi Sampler (5 pcs) 7.95
A18. Sashimi Sampler (8 pcs) 8.95
A19. Tako Su
5 pcs octopus
A20. Pepper Tuna 8.95

Kitchen Entree

Served w. Miso Soup, Salad and Rice
K1. Chicken Teriyaki 12.95
K2. Steak Teriyaki 16.95
K3. Shrimp Teriyaki 15.95
K4. Salmon Teriyaki 15.95
K5. Seafood Teriyaki 25.95
K6. Tofu Teriyaki 10.95

Japanese Noodle

Served w. Salad
J1. Chicken Yaki Udon / Soba 11.95
J2. Beef Yaki Udon / Soba 13.95
J3. Nabeyaki Udon 14.95
J4. Seafood Noodle Soup 15.95
J5. Tempura Udon 13.95
J6. Beef Udon 13.95
J7. Shrimp Yaki Udon / Soba 13.95
J8. Vegetable Yaki Udon / Soba 9.95


Served w. Rice
T5. Chicken Katsu 12.95
T6. Pork Katsu 12.95
T7. Beef Katsu 12.95

Hibachi Dinner

Served Soup, Salad, Extra 2 pcs Shrimp, Fried Rice and Vegetable
H1. Chicken Hibachi 14.95
H2. Steak Hibachi 16.95
H3. Filet Mignon Hibachi 19.95
H4. Shrimp Hibachi 17.95
H5. Salmon Hibachi 17.95
H6. Scallops Hibachi 17.95
H7. Vegetable Hibachi 11.95
H8. Chicken & Salmon Hibachi 17.95
H9. Chicken & Shrimp Hibachi 20.95
H10. Chicken & Steak Hibachi 19.95
H11. Chicken & Scallop Hibachi 21.95
H12. Steak & Shrimp Hibachi 22.95
H13. Steak & Salmon Hibachi 19.95
H14. Steak & Scallop Hibachi 22.95
H15. Shrimp & Scallop Hibachi 22.95
H16. Filet Mignon & Chicken Hibachi 19.95
H17. Filet Mignon & Salmon Hibachi 21.95
H18. Filet Mignon & Shrimp Hibachi 23.95
H19. Filet Mignon & Scallop Hibachi 23.95
H20. Filet Mignon & Lobster Tail Hibachi 30.95
H21. Seafood Deluxe Hibachi
Shrimp, scallop and lobster tail
H22. Shrimp & Salmon Hibachi 21.95

Kid s Menus

For kid under 10 only, served Soup, Vegetable and Fried Rice
N1. Junior Chicken 9.95
N2. Junior Steak 10.95
N3. Junior Shrimp 11.95
N4. Junior Salmon 10.95
N5. Junior Filet Mignon 12.95

Side Order

P1. Fried Rice 3.75
P2. Vegetable 4.95
P3. Salmon 6.95
P4. Steak 8.95
P5. Chicken 6.95
P6. Shrimp 7.95
P7. Scallops 7.95
P8. Filet Mignon 10.95
P9. Beef Fried Rice 6.50
P10. Chicken Fried Rice 5.95
P11. Shrimp Fried Rice 6.50
P12. White Rice 1.95

Regular Roll or Hand Roll

Reg. Discount


R1. Tuna Roll 5.50 3.95
R2. Salmon Roll 5.50 3.95
R3. Yellowtail Roll 5.95 3.95
R4. Alaska Roll
Salmon, avocado and cucumber
5.50 3.95
R5. Tuna Avocado or Cucumber Roll 5.95 3.95
R6. Salmon Avocado or Cucumber Roll 5.95 3.95
R7. Spicy Tuna Roll 5.95 3.95
R8. Spicy Salmon Roll 5.95 3.95
R9. Spicy Yellowtail Roll 5.95 3.95
R10. White Tuna Roll 5.50 3.95
R11. White Tuna Avocado or Cucumber Roll 5.95 3.95
R12. Spicy White Tuna Roll 5.95 3.95


R13. Avocado Roll 4.50 3.95
R14. Sweet Potato Roll 4.95 3.95
R15. Spicy Shrimp Roll 5.95 3.95
R16. Fusion Roll
Fish and avocado deep fried
6.50 3.95
R17. Cucumber Roll 4.50 3.95
R18. Veggie Roll
Cucumber and avocado
4.95 3.95
R19. California Roll
Crabmeat, avocado and cucumber
5.25 3.95
R20. Eel Avocado or Cucumber Roll 5.95 3.95
R21. Philadelphia Roll
Smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado
5.95 3.95
R22. Boston Roll
Shrimp, cucumber, lettuce and mayo
5.95 3.95
R23. Shrimp Tempura Roll 6.95 3.95
R24. Salmon Skin Roll 5.50 3.95
R25. Futo Maki 6.95 3.95
R26. C & C Roll
Crabmeat and cream cheese
5.95 3.95
R27. Chicken Tempura Roll 5.95 3.95
R28. Oshinko Roll 4.00 3.95
R29. Crab Roll 4.95 3.95
R30. Spicy Crab Roll 5.95 3.95

Sushi and Sashimi A La Carte

Sushi 2 pcs / Sashimi 3 pcs
Sushi Sashimi
C1. Tuna Maguro 5.00 6.95
C2. Salmon Sake 5.00 6.95
C3. White Tuna 5.00 6.95
C4. Yellowtail Hamachi 5.90 7.50
C5. Smoke Salmon 5.00 6.95
C6. Mackerel Saba 5.00 6.95
C7. Red Snapper 5.00 6.95
C8. Eel Unagi 5.00 6.95
C9. Shrimp Ebi 5.00 6.95
C10. Sweet Shrimp Amaebi 7.90 8.50
C11. Squid Ika 5.00 6.95
C12. Octopus Tako 5.90 7.50
C13. Scallop Hatate 5.90 7.50
C14. Red Clam Hoggigai 5.00 6.95
C15. Crab Stick Kani 3.90 5.50
C16. Egg Omelet Tamago 3.90 5.50
C17. Tofu Skin Inari 3.90
C18. Salmon Roe Ikura 6.90
C19. Flying Fish Roe Tobiko 5.00

Gourmet Sushi Rolls

G1. Kyoto Roll
Salmon skin inside, salmon avocado masago, spicy mayonnaise on the top
G2. Rich & Famous Roll
Spicy tuna inside, crab tempura on the top
G3. Samurai Roll
Smoke salmon avocado jalapeno inside, spicy salmon on the top
G4. Ninja Roll
California roll w. eel and tuna on the top
G5. Las Vegas Roll
Grilled beef, cucumber inside, eel sauce on the top
G6. Calamari Roll
Squid tempura, avocado inside, eel sauce on the top
G7. Manhattan Roll
Tuna tempura, salmon, crab, avocado, spicy mayo on the top (no rice)
G8. Monster Roll 11.95
G9. Banana Roll
Eel, crab inside, banana on the top
G10. Fancy Shrimp Roll
Two shrimp tempura, cucumber inside, and masago on the top w. eel sauce
G11. Crab Naruto Roll
Spicy crab wrap w. cucumber, spicy mayo on the top
G12. Dynamite Roll
Shrimp, cucumber, cream cheese, asparagus and jalapeno inside, deep fried w. eel sauce and spicy mayo

Special Roll

S1. Tokyo Roll
Spicy tuna and crunch inside, eel and avocado outside, topped w. tobiko
S2. Dragon Roll
Two shrimp tempura and cucumber inside, eel and avocado outside, topped w. flying fish roe
S3. Phoenix Roll
Two shrimp tempura and cucumber inside, seared tuna, avocado and eel sauce outside, topped w. flying fish roe
S4. Caterpillar Roll
Eel and cucumber inside, topped w. slice avocado and tobiko
S5. Rainbow Roll
Crab cucumber inside four kind of raw fish on top
S6. Spider Roll
Deep fried soft shell crab, avocado, tobiko and cucumber
S7. Naruto Roll
Tuna, salmon w. fish, crabstick and avocado inside, wrapped by cucumber on top
S8. Dancing Eel Roll
Eel, cucumber inside, eel avocado outside w. crunch, eel sauce and tobiko on top
S9. Double Spicy Roll
Spicy salmon crunch inside, spicy tuna outside
S10. Twister Roll
Spicy tuna crunch inside slice avocado outside, topped w. the fish roe
S11. Orange Dragon Roll
Spicy salmon and crunch inside, salmon and avocado outside
S12. Yokohama Roll
Spicy lobster and avocado inside, topped w. the spicy tobiko
S13. Crazy Tuna Roll
Spicy tuna, cucumber and crunch inside, seared tuna and avocado outside, topped w. wasabi tobiko
S14. Spicy Girl Roll
Seared tuna and avocado inside, spicy salmon and wasabi tobiko on top
S15. Lobster Roll
Lobster tempura, cucumber, avocado and eel sauce
S16. Volcano Roll
Tuna, salmon, white fish, avocado, cream cheese deep fried w. spicy sauce and eel sauce on top
S17. Black Dragon Roll
Salmon tempura avocado inside, whole piece eel on top
S18. Pink Lady Roll
Spicy crabmeat, avocado, cucumber and crunch wrap by the pink soybean paper
S19. Spring Mill Roll
Spicy yellowtail crunch inside, slice yellowtail outside, topped w. fish roe

Sushi Dinner

Served w. Soup and Salad
D1. Sushi Regular
8 pcs sushi and California roll
D2. Nigiri and Maki Sushi Dinner
5 pcs sushi, tuna roll and California roll
D3. Chirashi Sushi Dinner
Assorted sashimi vegetable over sushi rice
D4. Unagi Don Dinner
Eel on the rice
D5. Sushi Deluxe
10 pcs sushi and tuna roll
D6. Sashimi Regular
15 pcs assorted fish
D7. Salmon Lover
8 pcs salmon sushi, salmon avocado roll
D8. White Tuna Lover
8 pcs white tuna sushi w. tuna avocado roll
D9. Tuna Lover
8 pcs tuna sushi, tuna avocado roll
D10. Sashimi Deluxe
18 pcs assorted fish
D11. Sushi and Sashimi Combo
4 pcs sushi, 9 pcs sashimi and California roll
D12. Sushi For Two
16 pcs sushi, California roll and Alaska roll
D13. Sushi and Sashimi on the Boat
8 pcs sushi, 15 pcs sashimi w. California roll, eel roll and special roll


E3. Mochi Ice Cream
Green tea, strawberry, mango
E4. Banana Tempura 3.95